Southsea Nomads

Here at Coconut Toys and Fancy Dress we are commited to making a difference in the local community and believe sport is one of the fundemental cornerstones of good mental and physical health and can help people from all walks of life feel motivated, focused and most importantly of all happy.

Southsea nomads are a warm and welcoming bunch that are always looking for new members of all age ranges and abilities, their also having a fantastic season just take a look at the league table if you dont believe me. If you're looking to have fun, meet friendly people, play some quality rugby or lose your winter weight! The Southsea Nomads are for you. 

Coconut has been a proud Southsea Nomads  sponser since 2017, since then one of The Nomads' own Aaron beesley has set up a brilliant charitable foundation 'Rugby Against Cancer' that's to be picking up traction locally and nationally.

Rugby Against Cancer

Rugby Against Cancer is a charitable foundation, set up in 2018 with the express purpose of using rugby, specifically rugby players who have been personally affected by cancer, to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Charities, both locally and nationally. 



To date Rugby Against Cancer have held 3 fundraising events raising over £9500 for Cancer charities and have more planned, this year. 

All dontations no matter small or large are greatly appreciated if you'd like to make a donation just click here.

Rugby Against Cancer

"Joe Batley, a young rugby player who plays for Bristol Bears and has recently recovered from Hodgkin Lymphoma, is one of our main supporters and has rallied behind the cause and is committed to making it a success. Alongside Joe we have Leicester Tigers 2nd row, Will Spencer, on board as an ambassador for the organisation. We genuinely believe, with the support of these two and others in our network, we can become a household name in the fight against this horrible disease."

"We  have some wonderful sponsors who have been incredibly supportive, all of whom, want to see Rugby Against Cancer become a success and make a real difference to those affected by this cruel illness. We have already found that the personal experiences of cancer, for members of the rugby community, have inspired great support from the players and the wider rugby family."      
                                                                                                                                                                                       - Aaron Beesley Southsea Nomads

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